Special Deposits Scheme

Periodic streams of return on fixed investment are popular modes of financial planning among the households, senior citizens as well as professional individuals in the market. To cater to the needs of the target group, Special Deposit Scheme (SDS) has been designed for individuals who are 18years and above. Among its key features are attractive monthly returns, well-fitted tenures (3months - 3years) and simple means of profit calculation stand. SDS is well set to serve many of your needs i.e family maintenance, kids education expense and retirement planning. If it sounds like a great idea, lets set up a special deposit scheme today and give a boost to your life.

  • Save for Weddings, Events and Special Occassions
    Weddings, Events and Special Occassions
  • Save for Children School Fees
    Children's School Fees
  • Rent, Land Acquisition & Property Development
    Rent, Land Acquisition & Property Development
  • Education, Special Courses & Exams
    Education, Special Courses & Exams
  • Vacation, Tourism & Travel
    Vacation, Tourism & Travel
  • Vehicle, Medicals & Special Business
    Vehicle, Medicals & Special Business
Cooperative Edge Special Deposit


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