About LKA Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited

Building your future through savings & investment

LKA Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd is a Cooperative with a reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in its management. In four years we have increased our membership base, from 13 in October 2012 to over a 100 as at date. The Cooperative was formed by the Board of Trustees in October 2012 with steady growth since its inception.

Our Objectives

Our activities fall under the provisions of the said cooperative laws and the regulations made thereunder.


Our target is to have everyone in the cooperative to become financially independent through their savings culture.

Long Term Objectives

Develop agricultural business on large scale commercial farming and real estate development.

Short Term Objectives

Expand in agribusiness areas and profit from its projects.
For more about us read The Cooperatives Bye Laws Read Bye Laws >>

Our Offers

LKA's Board of Trustees

The BOT is composed of twelve (12) Members who aim to reflect the diversity of the Cooperative membership based on corporate governance.

The Board of Trustees supervises the Executive Team and they perform the Governance role, taking strategic decisions, policy formulation according to the bye laws of the Cooperative.

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